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The War On Silence

Sex. Drugs. Drum-n-bass.

J. W.
22 July
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Welcome to the life of an audio junkie and art saboteur.

It's not a typical life filled with worried about things like family, money and social standing, though those things are part of anyone's life. Rather it's a life made of graffiti art, electronic music, occasional chaos and fine vegetarian food. When I'm not working on my solar-powered yurt, painting crazy things onto crazy things, making music or filling my head with some random bizarre subject, I tend to act like a pretty laid back guy.

This journal is the third I've had, with the other two lasting one year and four years, respectively. I tend to dump a lot of things here-- random pieces of art, writing, music, noise-in-progress, just thoughts or nonsense other evidence would-be of my existence.

Life is a paradox and so am I. Comment to be friended.