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08.15am 05.05.2011
I've been up to a few things, and knocked down by a few things. Most notably I have finished editing a book for someone, despite a raging toothache which has lasted the better part of a month. Following this book, a tell-all about how working at a certain software giant inadvertently landed him in jail, will be a revision of an older book on political humour, and possibly one lampooning Evangelical Christianity after that. I never imagined that my true breakthrough into paid literary work would be as an editor on books I probably normally would not read. I can, at least, assure myself that these projects are in fact better for my involvement.

In other news, Meg and I passed our seventh year anniversary. To celebrate this I wrangled Megan's help in planting two bonsai trees in a single pot. Using flexible metal wires I am slowly training the two limber saplings to grow around one another, braiding into what appears to be a single tree of two different species. In perhaps an even bolder move for a first bonsai, I also decided to plant them directly atop a rock especially chosen for the job; over time I will gradually lower the level of the topsoil by brushing it away with a paint brush, revealing the two trees' roots. This, in turn, will theoretically cause the roots to develop bark like a normal tree trunk. These extra-strong, barked-over roots will curl around the rock below, clinging to it like a tiny fist. The results of this will be two miniature adult trees clinging to one another against all odds, separate yet inseparable, atop a small rock island in the middle of a planter with water, not dirt, in the bottom.

Of course, with the state of the world these days, one has to wonder just what has possessed me to take up a hobby which takes years and years to come to fruition. From all appearances, we (as a society as well as a species) might not have much longer left.

I would take photos of my proud new bonsai, but unfortunately it's not much to look at: just two sticks stuck in a planter, with so much shiny silver guide wire lashing them together one hardly notices the tiny buds signaling the growth of future branches and foliage.
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