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04.43pm 03.11.2010
You know what's awesome? Watching the X-files and seeing locations you've actually been to, fifteen years before you were there. As the majority of the series was shot in Vancouver, BC, I've spotted many familiar places, from east Van's distinct alleyways to Whistler Ski Resort, the UBC Campus, various buildings and streets downtown... also once spotted Downtown Van and the Vancouver library specifically on an episode of the Battlestar Gallactica remake series. It was supposed to be Caprica. Just like pieces of Van have apparently been co-opted by Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, West Virginia and dozens of other places. Funny.

Though I have not seen it yet, Meg and I also once stumbled across the filming of a street riot scene for the film 'Battle of Seattle' on the same streets. Talk about surreal... Van is the one city I'd consider moving to, if only because it's so awesome it can impersonate everywhere else.
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